Arduino is a great starting point for those wishing to learn embedded systems programming. It has an infinite variety of applications including robotics, game controllers, and IoT. In this class, you will compile, upload and run a simple Arduino sketch to control the rate of a blinking LED. In the process, you will learn about how the code is structured, how to read values using the serial monitor and interact with the IO pins. We will discuss and compare a few of the popular Arduino boards, shields, and other accessories. By the end of the class, you will be comfortable enough with an Arduino to develop more advanced circuits on your own.

  • The various types of the most popular Arduino boards, their similarities and differences.
  • How to write, compile, and upload a sketch to an Arduino controller.
  • Arduino programming code structure and basic syntax.
  • How to monitor values in the sketch using the serial monitor.-

Equipment Covered

  • Electronics Lab - RAN

Important Information

You will need to bring your own laptop, and an Arduino UNO if you have one. Hacker Lab has a set of Arduinos that can be loaned out for use during the class, however they can be purchased at Fry's Electronics or Online quite cheaply.


A basic knowledge of programming concepts and electronics is helpful, but not necessary.


Prior to taking the class, you will be asked to download and install the latest Arduino IDE. Go to http://arduino.cc, click Software -> Downloads, and follow the instructions applicable to your computer.

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