What You'll Learn

In this course, we show you step-by-step how to identify your customer and their needs. Then, we investigate their problems. Based on evidence that we collect by talking with them and field testing, we develop and the Value Proposition that you’ll use to start your business.

In between workshops, mentors will help you along the way.

This program is weekly on Thursdays starting September 27th - November 15th. 

The Startup Hustle program is based on Lean Startup methods and takes advantage of advanced search techniques to enhance the customer validation process.

  • How customers experience problems
  • How to look for proof customers like your business idea
  • The 19 ways to build traction
  • How to pitch your startup


  • Starting a business
  • Taking an idea to market
  • Mapping online and offline customer ecosystems
  • Using social media platforms as search engines
  • Really cool google hacks
  • How to craft a pitch deck

Important Information

Additional weekly time requirement is from 5 to 15 hours per week, depending on idea complexity.

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SAC-300: Startup Hustle
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